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We specialize in the management of athlete affairs with the goal of providing the proper time and attention to the client's personal and business matters.


KJ Management aims to direct our clients to personal and brand success through continuous education as well as full support and belief of their entrepreneurial goals and business ventures.


Setup and organize business models to ensure operations are running effectively and efficiently . Including determining new ways to maximize time and productivity.

Additional services

Consulting Services

Services to assist small businesses with the launch of their products and services. Business setup, branding, marketing and all services surrounding new venture planning and implementation.

Lifestyle Management Services

Calendar Management
Travel Arrangements
Coordinate Off Season Training
Oversee monthly expenses and budget

President | ceo

About us

KJ Management was established to help foster the careers of athletes and entrepreneurs, with a keen focus on financial longevity and community development. After completing my Masters of Science Degree in Entertainment Management along with years of Business Management, I was compelled to combine the two passions into one vision, KJ Business and Athlete Management.
Throughout my career, I realized there was a need for two things:

• Someone to help small businesses get up and running from a logistical and managerial standpoint, and
• A place to help professional athletes establish longevity and build out their current and post career roadmap.
KJ Management is your partner of choice that provides the guidance, management, and the necessary resources to ensure success and longevity for your business objectives and athletic endeavors.